Reactions and feedback from users around the world

Please find a small sample of the hundreds of letters and e-mails we are continuously getting from around the world. We are thankful to the many enthusiastic persons who wrote these messages. Your moral and logistic support makes this project possible. For editorial reasons some letters or e-mails have been shortened.

  1. Nigeria
  2. Kenya and Tanzania
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Cameroon
  5. UK- East Africa
  6. Mozambique
  7. Ghana
  8. République
    Démocratique du Congo
  9. Somalia
  10. Swaziland
  11. Zambia
South America
  1. Brazil
  2. Haiti
  3. Central America
  4. Peru
  5. Mexico
  1. Afghanistan
  2. India
  3. Nepal
  4. Philippines
  5. Cambodia
  6. Thailand
  7. Fiji Islands
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. United Kingdom
    (Embassy of Japan)
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  3. Rest of the World

Your feedback is needed to demonstrate to development agencies that this library is important, and that it should be distributed free of charge to many NGOs in developing countries and expanded to 3000 to 5000 essential books. So please send us an e-mail describing the practical use of this Humanity Development Library in your country to : or simply by writing a letter to the address below. Thank You.



I wish to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the three sample Cd-Roms. Once more, congratulations for this great project.

I am really excited about it as I believe it would go a long way in solving the problem of acute shortage of books and journals in Nigeria and Africa.

Of course I again assure you of my organisation's collaboration as follows:

(i) We like to work with you in developing cds containing Nigerian academic publications (complete bibliographies from journal, books of international interest, theses, etc.).

(ii) Promotion of the CD in Africa - for this, we are already preparing an announcement to be mailed to African Universities (we have over 300 addresses already). Similarly, we are preparing a handbill and a poster to be sent to students and staff of all tertiary institutions (Universities, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Technology, Polytechnics, etc.) and research institutes in Nigeria to come over and consult the cd in our library.

(iii) Distribution - we shall need 300 CD's to be mailed to different places. On this, I have been able to resolve the delivery to us that we discussed in our last e-mail. You can send to me each time as many as 1.2kg will contain

Warmest regards.

Professor M.A.B. Fakorede
Delaware Institute for Computer Sciences, Nigeria

Thanks for the CD-ROM that I received last week. That is great. You have really done so much.

Please, can you send me another copy for my University library at Imo State University, PMB 2000 Owerri, Nigeria?

We will try and make our contribution to the great work you have done and are doing. IT IS REALLY A TREASURE OF KNOWLEDGE AGAINST POVERTY! Thanks.

Dr. Theo Chidiezie Chineke
Visiting Nigerian Scientist
Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences

User Type: Community Development

I am happy to write that I received the 3 CD-ROMs last week. This putting me in a better position of assisting my community with whatever knowledge I gained through it.

Equally, I hope to communicate you in due course regarding any information that can benefit the world at large. Thank you for that favorable response.

Yours faithfully,
Muhammed Abdul-Kabeer Ayofe

User Type: Education

Good day.

I was informed about your organisation from a friend. I saw some of your materials (cdrom) and I love it. I will like to request for such useful information about sustainable development in Africa, especially the sub-saharan part, like Nigeria.

I will also like to request for other journals and publications about the prevailing challenges in Africa and the probable solutions. I am an Undergraduate student from Nigeria.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Adepoju, Olaoluwa Opeoluwa
P.O.Box 4929, Dugbe Ibadan
Oyo State

May the peace of the lord guard your hearth and mind,
May the joy of the lord be your strength
As you commit yourself to excellence
In your service to humanity.

User Type: Community and Rural Development

Good day

I saw your library CD in the hand of a friend. I find it very useful.

It contains a widespread of basic knowledge that is needed almost in every facets of life particularly for community development in rural areas. In fact I can say it most useful in less developing areas. I would be grateful if a copy of this CD can be sent to me.

Akintunde Akingunola
Ondo-state, Nigeria.

User Type: Education, University

Dear Human Info NGO,

We have installed the Food and Nutrition Library which a student passed to us in about 150 College Computers already. We will do the same with #1-4 when we receive them.

We work mainly in the rural areas where there are no banks, euros, or dollars or mastercard transaction. We count on Human Info NGO consideracy to send to us a copy or two each, and free of unavailable foreign exchange costs.

The Human Info NGO CD-ROM series is the most efficient poverty -and- diseases abatement invention this century.

Sincerely yours,
Chimdindu Eben Osuagwu,
Environmental Sense Project (NGO). Abia State, Nigeria
Director of Projects.

User Type: Management, University

I will like to acknowledge receipt of some digital libraries on CD-ROM from your organisation and I am impressed with what I saw.

I will want to become a distributor node in Nigeria and will want to know what is involved. Thanks.

Ebere, G.C.
Management Information Systems Unit
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

User Type: Health, Education, Library

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks you very much for the CDROM you sent us, the medical library, in fact it was really a great benefit. Even to our medical student and Lecturers and because of the value, we have to donate it the community health coordinator. Besides we are really in need of such health CD-ROMs .

Kindly send us ten copies each of any type available. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Dr Alfred Egedovo
President, Global Information Club
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

User Type: HIV\AIDS, Reproductive Health

Dear Editors,

Thanks a great deal for certain CD-ROMs I got from the Organization. I don't know how to say thanks for that wonderful favour. This really shows your org's committment to human development, especially in the developing world.

The materials shall be of invaluable support and use in my work. The pressing work I have on my hands have to do with providing Information, Education and Communication for Behavioral Change Sexual and Reproductive Health (HIV\AIDS) challenges in my society. I will therefore appreciate your helping me any CDROM on HIV/AIDS containing global facts and figures on HIV/AIDS and STI surveillance.

Thanks for your kind response.

Ohuruogu Victor
P.O. Box 20468, Ibadan, Nigeria.

User Type: Health, NGO

Dear Dr. Michel Loots,

Thank you for the nine CD ROMs, it is being put to proper use. We wish to offer our selves to serve as one of your non-profit distributor and library development in Africa. This is because of our many years of successful network.

It may interest you to know that we are in close contact with institutions and can arrange to translate text to local languages. We would like to know how you could help, please. Looking forward to your confirmation and modalities.

Francis F John, Help Old People, H.O.Pe. Africa, Abuja, Nigeria.

User Type: Good Governance, NGO

Dear Dr Loots,

Thank you for the package, we receive it some days back and we found the content of the CD-ROM interesting and loaded with vital information.

For this reason we would like to be in your network, include our mailing address in your mailing list and we would be asking you for facts and figures we may need in the future. Dr Loots on the issue of distribution, we would be glad to be in your distribution chain of the CD-ROM. As a matter of fact we would like to be your official non-profit distributor in Nigeria and the region, if you don't mind, Please forward me with the detailed information on the CD-ROM distributorship

Yours faithfully
Abiola Olaseni
Director, Centre For Good Governance and Citizenship
Ota Ogun State, Nigeria

User Type: Health, Nutrition

I am a Nigerian nutritionist involved in community based activities. I received a copy of the Food and Nutrition Library 2.0 along with the latest edition of SCN News.

The library has been of tremendous help to me and a number of my colleagues. We appreciate the work you are doing and thank you for the efforts. I would like to order the other CD ROM Libraries produced by you: World Environmental Library 1.1 - Food and Nutrition Library 1.1 - Medical and Health Library 1.1 - Africa Collection on Transition - Community Development Library 2.0 July 2002 edition

I can distribute copies to other partners/ NGOs that would find them useful.

Dr. O. Olubajo, Chief Scientific Officer
National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Jos, Nigeria

User Type: Health, Hospital

Dear Friends,

I wish to gratefully acknowledge receipt of 3 CD-ROMs sent to me from your Organization. It's really wonderful that a body like yours is doing such a good job of assisting resource-poor regions of the world.
Once more, THANK YOU!

Dr. Charles O. Foss
Delta State, Nigeria

User Type: NGO

Dear Dr. Loots,

Acknowledgement and intent to set up a non-profit distribution and library development network in Nigeria.

I gratefully acknowledge the receipt of three CD-ROMs (i.e., Community Development Library for Sustainable Development and Basic Human Needs; Africa Collection for Transition (ACT) from Relief to Development; and, UNAIDS library of current documents).

Your effort, through Humanity Information Projects, in providing a continuous education base to people by producing a complete low-cost CD-ROM library of essential books, is quite profoundly commendable - to say the least. Well done! Sir.

I resolvedly express my intent to become an official non-profit distributor and library development contact here in Nigeria. ...

Warmest compliments,
Mac Fred-Ileogben

User Type: Education


I received the parcel you sent to me which contain some CD Rom library, I am very delight for your kind gesture, and the interest you have on the people of developing countries like ours, may God continue to help your organisation.

I have also accept the offer to be part of your distribution project, I would copy the libraries as required to as many as needed it. I will also use this opportunity to solicit for your organisation to include my address in your mailing list for distribution of updated CD Rom, new publications and books in my mailing address. ...
Once again I say thanks to you and the entire human info NGO, God bless you all.

Your Beneficiary,
Makanjuola sina, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

User Type: Education, NGO

This is to congratulate for the effort you put into producing this valuable information base.

It is a virtual library that every development practioner needs to have. I had the opportunity of looking at the content and explored some in detail. This happened at a resource centre set up by a DFID programme.

I have been wondering how I can obtain a copy for use by the organisations we work with. If it is possible to send one of the disk, we would be grateful. Keep your good working going and do not hesitate to put us on your mailing list. Looking forward to your response.

Sofo Ali

Kenya and Tanzania


Dear Sir,

We have received your CD-ROM and the last update. We are very grateful. It is very helpful.

We could use it in following ways :

  • how to make a rainwatertank /- different ways of making
  • different types of waterfilters
  • how to construct a rabbit pen / keeping rabbits
  • different types of waterpumps
  • information about avocado-oil production
  • tasks of councillors
  • marketing/ exporting handicrafts
  • the drawings are generally very helpful
What we would have like to have included, if possible is :
  • different types of loaning procedures to smallscale bussiness in different countries, evaluation?
  • how to make new/ better designed products (metal/ carpentry/ textile)
  • more drawings

We are currently skillupgrading our carpenters at Sagana Technical training Institute/ It would be of great help for tehm as well to receive your CD-ROM.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance, Yours Faithfully,

User Type: Micro-enterprise

Dear Dr. Loots,

I am writing to you from Kenya and would like to express thanks for your Community Development Library CD Roms. I am a volunteer working with a community in a rural part of Western Kenya and the information on the CD Roms has given us a lot of assistance in our projects.

In particular, the information on the CD-Roms has added value to the community's chicken farms, rabbit farm, composting projects, beekeeping, water and sanitation. Currently, the CDs are assisting us with our plans to develop a bakery and biogas.

We are also in the process of renovating the community's primary school and trying to raise some funds to construct a library to house over 1,500 books that have been donated for the school children. If funds allow, we will add a solar panel and computer so that the villagers can access the information on your CDs.

Should you have any suggestions or additional information that may assist in our efforts to educate the children and community in their development and efforts to rise above the poverty line, I would be grateful to receive an email from you.

Thank you again for your efforts.

Michele Ostertag


Thank you for the nice work you are doing in promoting libraries and resources centres in our continent. ...

FADECO is a local NGO that is working to promote sustainable and grassroots development. Our facility now has over 300 titles of books on development subjects. We are trying to expand our resource library but are constrained by a number of factors.

The issue of a resource facility is very crucial in rural development. The costs of printed material is so high that we find it difficult to access very important information. The establishment of such cd-rom technology would be most welcome.


Joseph Sekiku
Director FADECO Tanzania

User Type: Social Services, NGO

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the 3 CD Rom, I have received and the invitation letter to join this noble work. We are going to share this information with other NGOs which have similar activities and services to the people.

We are also interested to became your Agent distributor in Tanzania and if possible in East Africa. (Tanzania Kenya and Uganda). Looking forward to hearing from you soon and thanking you again for the information sent to us.

Yours Truly,

Elisha Sibale, Executive Director
The Good Samaritan Social Service Trust.

User Type: HIV/AIDS, Church

Dear Dr.Michel Loots


All in all these cdrom are very helpful for my work in many aspect all cd made me an up to dated man and gives me so many technical and skills of adressing AIDS problem. For the issues concerning AIDS and other related issues me and those whom I help by copying this CDROM on the harddisks computers are with the rest of the global movement

Thanks for the massive low cost vaccination campaign v/s lack of knowledge.

I'm sure you have a lot to share with us. Together we can win & we care and share

Roger Sarwatt
HIV/AIDS programme Coordinator
Catholic Diocese of Mbulu

User Type: HIV/AIDS, Library

Dear Dr. Loots,

We acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of your letter overturing for cooperation in opening and running CD-ROM Libraries in Tanzania and Southern Africa Region in general. We have been fascinated and greatly impressed by the concept.

Our organisation "KUMMUTA" primarily established with the aim of helping youths to defeat the vices of poverty through engagement in various socio-economic activities, currently operates an HIV/AIDS Prevention and Counselling Library. While this library is disseminating information and education on the killer-disease AIDS, we are now enticed to expand and diversify its curricula so as cover all possible subjects as higher learning as proposed by you.

Establishment of this new library branch, however, will require your close cooperation with us. We therefore request you to give us all details that embed the establishment of the CD-ROM Library.

Selestin; M.J.

User Type: Urban and Rural Development, University

Dear Madam/Sir

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of Community Development 2.1 CD- ROM a few days ago.

I couldn’t believe it, after going though it and learned the concept behind your plan. Thanks for your wonderful project to vaccinate this basic human needs information to developing countries. Professionally as an urban and rural planner interested in human settlements development, I count this as a basic massive destructive weapon for ignorance and poverty that always I dream to have.

It energized me to learn that there are people who care and full of compassion for us. Your attempts to bridge information gap between developed and developing countries for the purpose of eradicating ignorance and poverty must get fully support by every one from this end.

I take this opportunity to declare my willingness and commitment to work with you, after reading your plan, goals and strategies. I position myself to work on voluntary basis for the attainment of this goal in my country Tanzania by distribute CD-ROM and do other aspects. I received freely; I am obliged to do the same to other. I want to be part of this mission.

In the meantime I am studying for a postgraduate diploma in Urban Planning and Management at the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies. Strategically this will be my pilot area for vaccinating all pc’s of lecturers and students. In 50 days to come I will graduate and go back to my employer. My employment position allow to travel widely and interact with many NGOs, CBOs and other professional practitioners. Hence gradually I will spread my campaign to other universities/colleges, secondary schools and NGOs in Dar es Salaam and wherever I go I will arrange to do the same.

Thanks again for your plan.
Yours regard
G. Mghonu.

User Type: Health, NGO

I certainly appreciate you for your big donation to us we truly believe information is power may god bless your work greatly.

We need more of your CD libraries. We still request for more free CD's of medical and Health Library, a world environmental library. We are also ready to share information & publications through our community Newsletter

By correcting 1-2 books in our weal language for the benefit of our country & students and we need detailed information about this programme.

I would like as an individual to co-distribute your CD-Rom libraries in our community and I can start with CDs


For more information contact us through
Executive director
Kagoma Community Age Care, Tanzania


I have found the cd-rom useful. I will try to acquaint other groups with the Project

Mesfn Giorgis
Mekelle Ethiopia

User Type: Health, Education

Dear sir,

My name is Seifu Bihonegn, and I am 25 years old Medical student at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

I have gone through your CD-ROM library for developing countries, that provides comprehensive information abut food and nutrition. And I have found that it will be very important in supplementing my study and day to day activities.

So would you please send me a copy CDs entitled "food and nutrition 2.1 a cooperative project to provide food and nutrition Information, community development library", and related materials as soon as possible.

User Type: Health, HIV/AIDS

First of all I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for the cd-roms you send to me. I really appreciate that. And I play my role for the campaign against lack of knowledge by copying the cd-roms on our computer center and distributing to others as much as possible.

Secondly I will be happy If you send me free CDs related to HIV and Tropical diseases specifically.

Thank you very much. Warm regards from ETHIOPIA

Nuru Mohammed, Pobox 378, Ethiopia

User Type: Health, Nutrition, Refugees, Government

Dear sir/madam

I would like to pass my heart felt thanks to you and UN ACC/SCN who recently sent me food and nutrition library 2.1.

It is really a great pleasure to have such an organization like that of you who works for the improvement of the lives of poor people in developing countries by devoting their money, knowledge and time

I was extremely happy when I saw the contents of the library, which I found that they would be of great help to my colleagues, my organization and me.

Administration for refugee and returnee affairs (ARRA) is a governmental organization in Ethiopia working with the refugees in the areas of health and nutrition, food distribution, agriculture and education. Currently there are about 145,000 Sudanese, Somali and Eritrian refugees residing in nine refugee camps in Ethiopia benefiting from the services.

There are five coordinating offices in different regions of the country and a head office in Addis. When I received food and nutrition library 2.1 from UN ACC/SCN an idea came to my mind that the library can be installed on the computer hard disks of the camps so that it can be utilized by the camp health and agriculture workers who are living far from many practical information that would have helped them in their work.

Therefore, I would kindly ask you to send me the following CD – ROMS, preferably six CDs from each or if not possible at least one from each to be utilized at head the office and in the refugee camps: Food and nutrition library 1.1, 400 publications - Medical and health library 1.1, 210 publications - World environmental library 1.1, 400 publications - Community development library 2.0, 1785 publications

I really appreciate your prompt response by sending the libraries via my postal address above.

Thank you for your assistance and continued cooperation.

Respectfully yours
Dr. Dejene Kebede
Health and Nutrition Division Head
Administration for Refugee and Returnee affairs (ARRA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

User Type: Community Development, NGO

Dear Dr. Loots,

Earlier we had received your CDL 2-0 and now CD- ROM on ACT, Health Library for Disasters and East African Development Library.

I would like to say many thanks to you and your co-workers for sending us several libraries. The information are very relevant and would help us in implementing our community development programs. This is great.

Our project officers have been searching for books to get some information to be acquainted with development strategies that took them much of their time and money for travel. Now they have their library full of books on their desk at their fingertips.

Many thanks again. You are eradicating poor knowledge of the professionals and making many people to be professionals of all. Your library is narrowing the gap of poor know among the professionals. Different professionals who visit your library can easily understand each other.

We wish that the rich people and the scientists of our planet worked together on the production of cheap CD readers (computers) that could reach the poor professionals in the developing countries. We professionals of the developing countries are trying to help our people but seek your heartily support to our development endeavors that would help to improve the human life in our part of the plant that we are sharing.

Thank you again for the libraries you sent for us, we will share them with our poor sister NGOs. I hope you will continue sending us new and updated CD-ROM libraries full of books. Your support is marvelous, please keep up,

God bless you abundantly.

Botossa Kedida - Director Community Development Promotion Organization (CDPO - NGO)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Dear Friends!

Thank you so much for the 6 CD-ROMs you sent me. A dream becomes reality for me! This is just great. The books written to be used out here finally end up where they have to be here in the developing countries. This to a price I would never have dreamed of.

I am here in Africa since more than 15 years and do development. Some of the books on the CD are in my bookshelf. They do not look nice anymore because they have been used in the field. To buy them and get them out here was expensive. So many times I tried new things without having a book because I simply could not afford to buy the books and pay the transport. Often shipping was almost the price of the book and I had to wait months until the book arrived or it even got stolen in the mail.

I am now working as the Literacy and Development adviser with the **Societe Internationale de Linguistique. We have written material we would like to send you to be included in a future edition of a CD. We are at the moment discussing this possibility and you will hear from us concerning this.

Yours truly, Chris Hochstrasser

User Type: Government

Dear Dr Michel,

I thank you very much indeed for CD-ROMS you sent me.

It is of great interest and value for our association which aims at promoting development, health, Education and humanitarian projects in rural communities.

Could you send us also the French version of CDL CD-ROM. We will be once more grateful to you. Furthermore, I wish to inform you that I would like to become an official non-profit distributor and Library Development contact for my Region. More over I want to know conditions to translate books into local languages. We can cooperate too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

M. NLO MANGA Vendelin, Plenitude
Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization

UK - East Africa

I have been working in East Africa for the last few years in the field of solar electricity, setting up a training centre and helping to build a sustainable infrastructure for the technology.

So, naturally when I saw your material the various possibilities of computers powered by solar electricity came to mind. Indeed, one of my ex-students is now running a computer in a very remote part of Tanzania powered by two solar modules. It is certainly viable to do so, and with appropriate system design and project implementation it would be a cost effective way to place computers among organisations in remote rural areas in Africa. The idea of placing solar powered CD Rom reading computer hardware and software among key development groups in the rural areas of Africa could certainly be fruitful and if successful, have quite an impact.

Frank Jackson
Centre for Alternative Technology


Dear Sir,

I have received gratis your cd. I want say to you that was one of the best things I have seen. For me it will be very useful, I am a Veterinarian, and there are many books and articles with relation with my profession. I could saw that many articles are also very actual. My wish is that you will have many successes with your wonderful project.

Antonio Martinho Lopes da Fonseca


User Type: Agriculture, University, Library

I am the Librarian of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ghana, Legon.

I came across a CD-ROM on Food and Nutrition Library, which I found to be very good CD and beside for students and Researchers who uses the Faculty of Agriculture library. Please, I want to find out whether the library can receive some copies of the CDs. The CD is a very good one, which contain about 300+ publications.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Issah Sumaila, Librarian.

User Type: HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Civil Society

Dear Dr.Loots,

Your efforts of providing development workers access to useful library resources, has been well acknowledged. However, African Youth Development Programmes (AYODEP) wish to acknowledge the receipt of the CD-ROMs, God richly bless you and your team.

AYODEP, will like to become your official nonprofit CD-ROMs library distributor in Ghana, as stated in your letter. And as from September this year, we will run a small Resource Center in the Manya-Krobo district for policy makers, health professionals, mass media professionals, NGOs, educators, students and trainers.

However, kindly link us to other sources of good materials. The center will focus on these subjects: all reproductive health issues (family planning, HIV/AIDS, maternal/child health, women health), Civil society empowerment, community development, demography, research reports etc.

Once again thank you and hoping for a very fruitful cooperation.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Stephen E.T.Quarshie
African Youth Development Programmes, Odumase-Krobo, Ghana.

République Démocratique du Congo

User Type: Community Development, Documentation Center

Dr Michel Loots, MD

Nous accusons réception d’un don de sept CD-ROM suivants:

1 Africa collection for Transition (ACT) ;
1 Food and Nutrition Library 2.1 ;
1 Enseignement Scientifique, technique et Professionnel.
1 UNAIDS library of current documents
3 Community Development Library for Sustainable Development and Basic Human Needs;

et nous vous en remercions.

Des CD-ROM en notre possession sont utilisés par plusieurs acteurs locaux de développement ; chercheurs, professeurs, agents des ONG et étudiants . Chaque personne qui manifeste le souhait de lire un CD-ROM, le reçoit pour une période de deux semaines.

Nous vous avons soumis notre candidature pour devenir distributeur volontaire des « CD-ROM librairies » dans les provinces de Maniema, Nord - Kivu et Sud-Kivu à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo. Au cas où notre candidature sera retenue, nous vous demanderions de nous renseigner sur les modalités de distribution des CD-ROM.

Nous disposons d’un ordinateur . Pour permettre un grand public bénéficier de projet « CD-ROM Library for Development country », nous voulons mettre sur pied un Centre de documentation pilote en CD-ROM pour lequel nous sommes à la recherche de financement ( 15 ordinateurs, plusieurs CD-ROM, une photocopieuse, une imprimante, matériel de reliure, une salle meublée). Nous voudrions également recevoir le catalogue des CD-ROM disponibles à Human Info NGO et aux autres organismes en français dans tous les domaines.

Veuillez agréer, Monsieur, l’expression de notre considération distinguée.

Pour l’Association pour le Développement Local (ADL)

Animateur Principal.

User Type: Community Development, Health, Civil Society

J'ai eu votre adresse par des amis, votre adresse et je suis interessé par les CD Bibliothèques pour le développement durable et les besoins essentiels et Medical and Health library pour les besoins d'une ONG de développement que nous sommes entrain de créer avec des amis.

En effet, nous sommes des jeunes diplômés d'université dans les domaines d'Economie, Droit, médecine et Sciences désireux d'oeuvrer pour le développement dans notre pays.

Nous serons donc heureux de recevoir par courier postale ces 2 CD. Nous restons ouvert pour tout autre information utile que vous voudrez bien nous fournir.

Nos sincères remerciements.

François NZEKUYE


User Type: Health, Nutrition

Dear collegues

I would first convey my sincere thanks to your steemed office,

I am so impressed after I had seen one of your CD s it is very interesting to sit and write to you in reaction of that thanks again for your efforts I am a public health administrator in Somalia would you please send me a copy of your CD titled Food and Nutrition library under this address: Po Box: 56527, Nairobi, Kenya


User Type: Health, Nutrition, NGO

from: Nutritionist. Idow Sheikh Ali

I have received the CD diskette of FNL on 20th August. I interested so much indeed. I was not thinking that you will be sending such great present of Nutrition to me, I say you than you so much for this FNL CD diskette. Again I thank the people who are jointly prepared such knowledge for the world, Doctors, Nutritionists and any other persons took part this diskette.

thank you

Nutritionist Idow sheikh Ali
C/o. International Medical Corps, Baidoa Somalia
P.O.BOX 67513, Nairobi Kenya


User Type: Health, Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Library

I have enjoyed your Food and Nutrition Library No. 2.1. If you have others please send them to me. I work with a non profit making organization and coordinate 30 countries in infant nutrition activities and the information has been very useful to me but I am sure you have updates on many of the issues. I would be glad to get an updated version.

Pauline Kisanga
Regional Coordinator, IBFAN Africa
International Baby Food Action Network, IBFAN
P.O.Box 781, Mbabane, Swaziland


User Type: Agriculture, Community Development

Dr. Loots,

Thank you very much for the CDs you sent me. The material on the CDs has proved to be very useful. I am doing a degree course in Community Water and sanitation Services from the University of the North & the National Community and Sanitation Training Institute of South Africa by Correspondence and I am in my final year.

The problem I had was buying of the text books, they are too expensive and not only that, they are not available here in Zambia. With those publications on the CDs you have assisted me greatly.

Oh! I should have introduced myself. I am Patrick Shula Chileshe, 33 years of age and married. I have a diploma in Agricultural Engineering. I am working for an Engineering Consulting firm as an Engineering Technician / CAD Operator. I am hoping to go for an MSc study in either Water Engineering & Resource Management or Msc in Hydrology if I can manage to find sponsorship once I finish my Bsc degree. I hope to apply to universities in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany. Hopefully with an Msc I will be able to contribute to the firm I am working for and the country as a whole.

Best regards,
Patrick S. Chileshe


NGO network in Afghanistan

Je suis agro-economiste et responsable d'une ONG afghane ( Consultant Afghan Rural Development), actuellement je suis en formation au CERDI. Par l'intermédiaire des amis suisses, j'ai appris la nouvelle de votre initiative extrêmement intéressant, et permettez moi de vous en féliciter.

En effet, j'ai toujours constaté que la grosse lacune en matière de collaboration Nord-Sud, concernant le transfert des technologies, se situe au niveau du manque de manuel approprié. Je pense que votre projet contribuera grandement à éliminer cette lacune.

Avec mes remerciements anticipés;

BABA Nadjibullah
Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Développement International (CERDI)- Programme de la Gestion de la Politique Economique


Katha is a registered nonprofit organization. We bring out books for neo-literates -- children and women. Katha could be a free/low-cost distribution centre for the cd-roms. India's fast catching up with the western world as far as cd-rom facilities are concerned!

I like your confidence in saying "5000 PC's can guarantee a continuous High School level education of 60,000 persons." I like it because it is something Katha actually believes in! We put up one computer in our learning centre of about 1100 children (working and siblings of working children). The response was so great that we got one more. Then (lucky us!) we managed to get a German funding which allowed us to buy five more. Now we have a whole centre AND a CD-Rom AND CDs and

... as I said I totally agree with you!

We are providing continuous education upto school-leaving level and I do believe we have less dropouts than many other formal schools in Delhi! Each computer serves three children of 8-16 years of age, in 1 hour shifts each. That is, six shifts in each day, 21 children/shift or 112 or so children/day. Even so, we can get them to the computer only twice a week, but a good start and exciting! All this with ONE TEACHER! ...

Now my wish is that we have CDs in Hindi(the local Indian language here). Most of our kids don't know English and though they enjoy the CDs, need someone to explain and translate and help. Any chance that you know of something like that happening? Maybe Bill Gates is thinking/should be thinking of something like this? In case you know, cld you please let us know? We'd happy to contribute whatever we can!

Geeta Dharmarajan
Executive Director KATHA A/3 Sarvodaya Enclave
Aurobindo Marg New Delhi 110 017 INDIA

Thank you so much for sending the CD of the Development Library for sustainable development and basic human needs. I found it very informative and useful. This would be of immense value to us in developing research programmes to achieve sustainability in rainfed farming systems of arid regions.

with regards
Regional Research Station
Central Arid Zone Research Institute
Pali, Rajasthan, India

Field of activity: Education

Dear Sir,

Greetings. I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your kind CDs sent to me at free of cost. I am very sure that these CDs will be immensely helpful to me as well as to my scholars to carry out our research works. I am extremely happy to help you in any way as you please. I have herewith attached my CV for your kind perusal and consideration in making use of my services.

Thanking you,
Dr. N. Balasubramanian
Director UGC Academic Staff College
Bharathiar University
COIMBATORE 641 046, Tamil Nadu, India.

Field of activity: Education (Library & Information Science)

Dear Dr. Loots,

Thank you very much for sending the CDs and that's a great job done. Immediately I have shown the CDs in the Industrial Training Centres and Schools who have shown great interest in these CDs. I also have close contacts with GTZ who are also interested in developing community training centres for school dropouts and in the process of setting up facilities for short term training in the remote areas.

I am very much interest in acting as national distributor for these CDs as per the directions mentioned in your letter. Soon I will set up a community library having computer with these CDs copied on Hard Disk in a slum area / village in New Delhi and shall inform you about the progress and response.

The advantages of this project will be spread to other states in India.

Hope to work closely with you on campaign against lack of knowledge.

My number of friends have agreed to work on this project.

With best regards,
Uma Shukla
M. Phil (Library & Information Science)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
20 / A4 Sector 18, Rohini, New Delhi-110085, India

Field of activity: Development

Dear Sir,

We Received World Ecology Report Winter / Spring 2003 and the CD ROM. We thank you for correspondence and special thanks for the CD ROM Libraries: “Tools to support participatory urban decision making” and “Report of the world civil society forum Geneva 2002” It will definitely prove to be grate help increasing our knowledge. We will like to continue the same productive relationship with you.

Thank you and your team,

Sri Amit Mishra
MIG-2 Moti Nagar, Post- Sundernagar,
Raipur, Chattisgarh, India


Thanks for all the information.. Provided the CD-ROMs contain sufficient small business and technology information they could be used by local chambers and associations and economic development centres apart from a good number of NGOs. Yes, it might be possible to distribute (sell) them from the IEDI. IEDI understands itself as the apex body for industrial development efforts in Nepal

Rudolf Guthier, GTZ, Small Business Promotion Project
c/o IEDI, P. O. Box 3676, Kathmandu, Nepal

Field of activity: Nutrition, Food Technology and Quality Control

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for sending CD. It is our pleasure to inform you that we have started that Nutrition Information and Resource Center, under National Nutrition Programme. So we are requesting concerning organization to support or share their publication, CDs Audio-visuals etc. related to nutrition. In this regards, I would like to request you and your organization too.

Thank you very much for your kind help and cooperation.

Krishna G.C.
Department of Food Technology and Quality Control
National Nutrition Programme
Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
South Asia


You are doing a very good job, and I am saying this really from the bottom of my heart. Making this kind of information available to NGO’s in developing countries is so important.

Auka Idzenga - Appropriate technology worker for a Dutch NGO in the Phillipines

Thank you for your the offer to include IIRR publications to your list of CD-ROMs. Yes, we would be please to participate. I think your idea of providing basic libraries of 2000 -3000 essential books is an excellent one and deserves commendation.

... We get participants from as many as 30 countries on campus in a typical year. We are also linked with IIED UK and their program for Resource Centres on PRA/Participatory Learning Assessments, etc. We could put collections of CDs to good use out here.

Julian Gonsalves
Vice president, International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
Silang, Philippines

Thank you for sending the CD-ROM. Two of my "users" here at NATCCO have seen it so far: one was impressed with the content relating to IT, the other with that relating to gender. Already one of our member organisations, the Visayas Cooperative Development Centre (VICTO), has requested a copy of the CD-ROM, which raises the issue of pricing and distribution.

Thank you very much for all your efforts in establishing the Humanity Project and producing the first CD-ROM. I hope I can help with distribution and look forward to the success of the Humanity Project.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Morrison
IT Consultant
NATTCO Philippines

Field of activity: Environment, Education


Thank you very much for continuously sparing us hard copies and CD-ROMS for our use here in our library. Its been very useful in developing my own teaching guide for environmental science courses. Furthermore, I am glad to inform you that it is not only us at the Institute of Environment that finds it useful but all other students and faculty from different colleges that come to our main library, because I have forwarded other materials to our main library so there will be more people who can access the materials.

I will appreciate it very much if you could tell me how i could be your member, so I could access to your internet mailing and membership database.

On the other hand, please feel free to tell me if how can I help you and your organization in my own little way.

Again, thank you very much and more power!

Very truly yours,

Institute of Environment - State Polytechnic College of Palawan
San Juan, Aborlan, 5302 Palawan


You have not missed your objective. It is a very helpful tool for the kind of people you target who are concerned by or involved in development not only in third world but throughout the world as it helps combat waste and create a friendlier environment. I think schools should have your CD ROM.

If Cambodian TV channels can translate it into khmer and run weekly programs to teach the public, it will be a tremendous help to create awareness and provide basic skills.. I have always said so and everybody thought I was a dreamer. I am so glad when I read in your CD ROM that a solar home is quite feasible.

Muoy You
Seametrey NGO network for the reconstruction of Cambodia
Also starting a school network project in Cambodia


I just want to thank and congratulate you for your very useful initiatives. I refer specifically to your contacting technical people who can guide you and clarify to you the feasibility or practicality of your ideas and further on your contacting the technology developers and manufacturers to get your application requirement known to them.

Most of the time that is the last mile so to speak that many of us are unable to take and hence ideas remain ideas and never get to full realization or cancellation if they don't work.

Developing poor countries need people like yourself. Hope you continue your work and never grow tired even under adverse conditions and/or indifference.

Best regards.
D.E. Torrijos

Fiji Islands

Field of activity: Environment

Dear Dr Michel Loots

I have just received a copy of the CD titled World Environment Library. it is indeed a very comprehensive CD and no doubt is very useful. My name is Sandeep K Singh and I work as the National Coordinator for a regional program. I have completed my Masters thesis (surficial sedimentary facies and heavy metal distribution in Suva harbour, Fiji). I would like to contribute/cooperate to the library. I have presented many papers in workshops on the environment problems in Fiji. Please could you guide me with this as to how I can contribute to this good course of sharing information.

I look forward to your response

Sandeep Kaur Singh (Ms)
National Coordinator
International Waters Program - Department of Environment
G.P.Box 2131, Suva, Fiji Islands

Sri Lanka

Field of activity: Education (Library), Development

Dear Dr. Michel Loots,

Thank you for the delivery of the CD-roms. Your vision - We care and share is quite a noble one.

We ourselves have a reading and a lending library which serves the entire Galle district. School children, University students, Community development Organizations, Researchers and brother organizations make use of the library for knowledge enhancement.

Please send us, information publications (Hard Copy) related to the NGO field.

Thank you.

Winston De Silva
President - SDF Saviya Development Foundation
24/A, Wewelwala Raod, Galle, Sri Lanka.

United Kingdom (Embassy of Japan)

Field of activity: Embassy of Japan in United Kingdom

I am Pleased to send you this mail.

I got a free CD of Humanity Development Library 2.2 from a research fellow of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I appreciated your great work which covers very wide range of the fields.

However, I found it difficult to open the pages with my Power Book G4 Computer except for .htm extensions.

Do you have any CDs or other way to appreciate your amazing work with Mac ?

It will be great if you have such alternatives.

Thank you for your attention.
Dr. Shota Inoue
First Secretary & Medical Attache
Embassy of Japan, United Kingdom
101-104 Piccadilly,
London W1J 7JT, United Kingdom


Field of activity: Association of Non Governmental Organisations

Dear Dr. Loots,

I received your package with three CDs. Thank you very much. I have already loaded and started using them.

I must say that I was surprised at your quick response. It is not normal to receive a call from Belgium. I have given some thought to your proposal to visit the Caribbean islands in December. It would be good to have an idea of what you want to do.

Would you be interested in developing a library for the Caribbean? This would be a good plank for your visit. It is only a suggestion, maybe you have other ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Roosevelt O. King
Secretary General
Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations
#7, 4th Avenue Belleville
St. Michael, Barbados

South America

Panama - Co-operation Network to the local missions, NGO and universities

I just received your CD's and they are great I spent hours reading them. ....

I work with a lot of people who are just able to make a few dollars a day because they don't have any idea how to produce or how to create a new way to improve their living. That why I find your CD a very good action. After that the next step is to find the way to connect that huge amount of information with the ordinary people. I will contact the universities of Panama this week to see if they would accept to correct the translations and I will let you know. As soon as I have the web page ready, I will send you an e-mail.

Andre Rigaux
Oro Verde de Panama SA


In 1997 I have received by GTZ/Germany your Humanity CD ROM with 700 books. I found this CD ROM very useful in an remote area like the North West of Haiti where I am working in a development project financed by GTZ. Because we do not have regular information here, especially not Newspapers, Journals, TV and no telefon we are depending on such information you are presenting on the CD ROM. A library does not exist in this remote area and even in the capital Port-au-Prince, library facilities are very rare. We would like to order more cd-roms ...

Yours sincerely Hans-Henning Brauer
PISANO / GOPA-Consultants


Dr Loots,

It is so exciting to discover that there are people that are working really hard to make a difference in our world. Thank you for your desire to teach us the way of self-reliance. ...

What you are doing is the most important thing one can do to improve the world, by showing people how to solve their own problems.We are sure that many people will be benefited by the CDs you are preparing. ...

Thanks for your concern and desire to help
Roney Reis - Manager of CEPAI
Brasília, Brasil


The CD arrived in my office today!! It is a record! I immediatly made an installation of the CD and it is very easy to install. It contains many information, but the practice and curiosity to learn will continue with the work. I would like to say Many Thanks Dr Loots, because your efforts are the concrete support to the human solidarity! Congratulations to the cd-rom project and many many thanks from the Rural areas here in Peru.

Eduardo France
Proyecto Cojal Offic en Lima


I'm very interested in your Project, I work for a gobermental agencie in Mexico known as SEMARNAP, this agencie is in charge of the environment.

I had the fortune of reviewing the CD-ROM you've sent to a friend of mine, and all the information you've gather is very interesting and important, because this, open the mind of all people to know what is hapening in their comunities, regions, country and in the world.

This information will permit taking wise and correct decisions in every social, economic, politic, environmental or any other spheres, envolving planing programs or resolving problems.

By this meant, i will like to know, if it would be factible to introduce your CD-ROM in the TeleCenters we are installing, in would be great if each of all the TC would have it. I know that most of the information is in English but other is in Spanish so I don't think this would be a major problem and all the Information will be used in one or another way.

I'm very interested in having your comments about our project and furthermore the posibility of a cooperation relationship between us for the exchange of information.

I'll thank you for considering the posibility of having one of your CD-ROM in each of the TC we're installing.


Rest of the World


Dear Dr Loots

We have found the CD-Rom which you sent which contained previous issues of Boiling Point and Food Chain extremely good. It would be very helpful if you could sent us another two copies of the CD-Rom with Boiling Point and Food Chain included, as it would assist us very much in searching for information for our technical enquiries.

Elizabeth Bates
Intermediate Technology

ECHO - Network for 3000 development and mission workers all over the world

Greetings from ECHO, where we have received a grant enabling us to give away copies of your cd-rom to delegates to our 4th Annual Agriculture Missions Conference in November of this year. Last year we had about 175 delegates from 30 countries attend our conference. In anticipation of this year we would like to purchase 200 copies of the CD-ROM from you. We would like to order them as soon as possible.

I personally am very interested in seeing the response of our delegates when they receive a disc with such a large amount of information on it to use in their work in the developing world.

Thank you,

Daniel Sonke
Technical Resources Specialist
ECHO 17430 Durrance Rd.
N. Ft. Myers, FL 33917 U.S.A.


I will appreciate notify me when the Spanish version of this CD-ROM be available. I got the English version and found it very useful to enhance the quality of our projects in Latin America. If we can have access to a Spanish version, the benefit would increase significantly.

Thank you very much.

Andres Recalde
Program Officer for Latin America
World Vision Canada


Thank you for your cd-rom library for Sustainable development and Basic Human Needs. I have found the cd to be very useful and informative. It is a very practical and useful tool.

Mark Powell
Program Officer Winrock International

I received a copy of the CD-ROM Library today, and I am greatly and favorably impressed. It is a real service to make this widely available.

I discovered quite to my surprise that it not only includes a couple of things I wrote, but some forty plus books produced by BOSTID with USAID funding (for which I was the USAID project officer.) I was delighted!

Could you please provide some information as to how many copies of the CD-ROM will be distributed, to whom you plan to distribute them, and what you will charge if anything. I think my colleagues at USAID would be pleased to know that the investment is still yielding benefits in development.

Are additional copies still available, if i recommend them to others?

Thank you for answering the questions, and more importantly for the great job you have done. Congratulations!

John A. Daly
Science, Technology and Development

Congratulations for the idea and the realisation of the project.

Best regards,
Christian Back


"With today's communications capacity, it is possible to put the basic benefits of scientific progress at the disposal of the vast majority of the world's people."

James P. Grant, executive director of UNICEF in "The state of the World's children 1993"

"Because of its low cost, durability, vast storage potential, ease of use, and the fact that it bypasses telecommunication problems, CD-ROM seems to provide answers to a number of developing country difficulties, particularly access to bibliographic and full text material"

Report of a workshop of the Board on Science and Technology for International Development (BOSTID), Held in Nairobi about Science and Technology Information Services and Systems in Africa.

"La réponse à la question de savoir si la technologie CD peut être un outil de lutte contre la faim et la malnutrition dans les pays en voie de developpement est donc incontestablement 'OUI' ..."

Dr. W. Treitz du Centre Technique de Cooperation Agricole et Rurale (CTA), institué par la seconde Convention de Lomé par la communauté Européenne et 69 pays d'Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (groupe ACP).


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